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Dax Kartel makes dissing history


Dax Kartel makes dissing history

Dax Kartel beefing with women

Dax Kartel beefing with women

Beefing in any industry between individuals is a common phenomenon but when it comes to musicians they show their ugly side bordering on wildness.

And they often do unthinkable things not only in Uganda but the world over.

Dissing, sometimes generates un necessary competition although sometimes the dissing parties benefits from the saga but other times it turns ugly and violent and sometimes death is the resultant effect

Now here is where Dax Kartel breaks the world record; Rafiki has learnt that Dax Kartel has started beefing with Irene Ntale and Sheba Karungi.

Kartel believes that the two ladies were hitting at him when they sang their Collabo ‘Otubatisa’ and like Dax Kartel is, he has also released a dissing song entitled ‘Otubatisa’.

Now, tell me have you ever heard any where in the world a man dissing or beefing with a woman? Here at the Grapevine we believe this borders on foolishness



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