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Powerful father Raymond buys up monster records former home


Powerful father Raymond buys up monster records former home

but this trend is changing fast.

Grapevine has learnt that since father Raymond moved to Kabowa near Freedom City the influx of believers seeking miracles has increased tenfold.

The good father after renovating his place, is now buying all land and houses surrounding his Teresa house, the latest being the former headquarters of Monster Records, mbu he is going to put up a (children’s home).

The man of the cloth has been visited by who is who in this country, just as recently as two weeks ago Rafiki reported that the Secretary General of NRM Kasule Lumumba also visited the man of God, to get seek for blessings ‘mikisa’!

When Rafiki approached a Catholic Father to know if this Father is recognised in the Catholic Church as a giver of blessings the Father referred Rafiki to the Arch Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who Rafiki failed to reach.

Now Rafiki is asking the Catholic Church, should we all go and seek blessings from this Father or should we wait until the Pope comes?



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