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Promoter Andy balloons Zanie Brown


Promoter Andy balloons Zanie Brown

Singer Zanie Brown pregnant

Singer Zanie Brown pregnant

Zanie brown of the hit song ‘Sijja Kulya Mukyalo’ is one of those few musicians that hit the ground running, but she could rightly be placed at the top list of upcoming female musicians.

Grapevine noticed that almost all her songs are love ballads and somehow assuring her mysterious man that she values him.

Now our snoop has learnt that the two things that can’t be naturally hidden from the world, have manifested themselves in Zanie Brown (it’s impossible to hide love and also pregnancy).

The first one is that ‘Zanie Brown is in love’ and the lucky guy has been pinpointed as Andy a renowned promoter here in Uganda.

The second thing that cannot be hidden is that our snoop noticed a bulge on our Zanie Brown. This only means one thing that this Andy guy has successfully ballooned this beautiful young singer?

Weather this was the right decision and timing? Only time will tell.



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