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Lutalo in sex inadequacy abuse


Lutalo in sex inadequacy abuse

Singer David LutaloDavid Lutalo should know that washing your dirty linen in public will only cause you more humiliation and that women will always hit you where it hurts most if the marriage fails and that is… to hit at your male ego.

Lutalo’s wife who was caught red-handed cheating has told all and sundry that her husband is no hero in bed’

Now gossiping neighbors have come out to confirm that this is the second wife that Lutalo has caught red-handed cheating on him!

As the male neighbors wondered aloud why cheating women always resort to maligning their men that ‘tebamalako’ after being caught, and way too drunk to do the needful.

But if our man has a problem, Rafiki would be glad to help him on this number 0752………or better still advise him to find herbs that can work on this problem which is very common with all drunkards!



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