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Boda boda 2010 turns to hooliganism


Boda boda 2010 turns to hooliganism

Boda bodas in trouble with Bodaboda 2010 outfit

Boda bodas in trouble with Bodaboda 2010 outfit

For anyone to say that Boda boda guys have a criminal record, hardly can you find someone who doesn’t have a claim against the boda guys and with over 1 million riders in Kampala alone this is indeed a force to reckon with.

This is a fact that even our visionary leaders are aware of and it is not uncommon to see the face of our dear visionaries on these rides.

But all that not withstanding, it worries Rafiki whenever he spots these darlings in notoriety which might result into something nasty so he takes it upon himself to inform the people concerned.

Grapevine has learnt that the Boda boda 2010 offices in Makindye, is one dreaded place for boda boda riders. It so happens that, this particular group stages road blocks every time they go broke to confiscate motor bikes of fellow boda bodas riders.

The arrested are always dragged to these offices just opposite the barracks where the officials extort loads of money from the victims.

Mbu these guys will always find something to pin you down with and that they never fail to get money ranging from Ugshs 50,000 to as much as two hundred thousand from the victims.

Now Rafiki’s question, is this extortion done with the knowledge of Police? Only General Kayihura can tell us.



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