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Catherine too close to NRM bigwig


Catherine too close to NRM bigwig

Catherine Kusasira

Catherine Kusasira too close for comfort to NRM bigwig

Although all animals are claimed to be equal, there are some animals which are more equal than others as it is stated in Animal Farm .

Rafiki has learnt that no one has benefitted more in the musician circles during these campaign than Catherine Kusasira,

Mbu first she was a recipient of Ugshs 100m, then came the 400m for all, and that now she is driving a brand new car courtesy of NRM.

Now tongues are wagging that there is one NRM big fish that is too close to Kusasira than to the rest of the musicians.

Who is this big fish in NRM? If at all he is there Rafiki is warning him that Kusasira is a semi/married woman! And this fish must know that



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