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Irene Ntale hooks Dubai tycoon Benon


Irene Ntale hooks Dubai tycoon Benon

As the other crew members were relaxing in Dubai for what the Swangs Crew called their end of year vacation, our snoop has learnt that Irene was busy hooking herself a loaded Nkuba kyeyo.

Apparently, something that he fulfilled.

However, when Irene Ntale touched Dubai, one loaded Ugandan Nkuba kyeyo had other plans.

Mbu since Irene hooked up with this loaded guy, she has abandoned her average hotel to one upscale hotel in Dubai.

Mbu word is that the boss is not very happy with the developments because he believes Irene went to Dubai with the group and that the decent thing would have been for her to stick with the team, but mbu these wise words just went through Irene’s one ear and got out through the other!

Sorry guys but life has to be enjoyed



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