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Kampala Tycoons advertise their daughters to willing suitors


Kampala Tycoons advertise their daughters to willing suitors

Tycoon John Ssebalamu

Tycoon John Ssebalamu

Rafiki was astonished recently when he was invited for a lavish wedding at Freedom city, of the daughter of one of Kampala’s tycoons Peter Ssegawa who belongs to the exclusive club of tycoons called ‘Tusakimu’ .

His astonishment was not due to the money that was displayed at the wedding or to the numerous gifts given to the couple. This was expected because the guest list had the top tycoons in town.

But Rafiki was surprised that each and every tycoon who was given the microphone to give a wise word to the couple, turned the day into an advertisement forum for their daughters.

Rafiki says this because every tycoon informed the guests that he had a daughter or two who were ready to sail into the nuptial waters only that they lack suitors.

Key amongst the advertisers was Tycoon John Ssebalamu, a one Musumba plus numerous others.

This reinforced the belief that God does not give it all

Grapevine is using this platform to call upon all the young men around Kampala to try and utilize this chance.

Don’t say we didn’t tell you



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