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Kenzo rents house for ex


Kenzo rents house for ex

Kenzo rents house

Kenzo’s big heart

Kenzo is a Muslim and no one can deny him the right to add another Hakki if he so desired, that is why Grapevine does not fear to say that he has rented a house for Maama Mya.

This goes out to show you that Kenzo really has a big heart and he does not want somebody he has a history with to suffer silently.

One thing that grapevine will not disclose though is where this house is located for obvious security reasons.

Nabatanzi, on the other hand is boasting that Kenzo can never forget her.

Word is abuzz that she is even ready to revert to Islam if only Kenzo can build her a house…..

Can Kenzo manage two homes? Only he, can answer this.



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