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Mayuge Politics becoming violent


Mayuge Politics becoming violent

EC Bosses Chairman Hajj Badru Kiggundu with Commisioner Joseph Biribonwa

EC Bosses Chairman Hajj Badru Kiggundu with EC Deputy chairman Joseph Biribonwa

Mayuge district is one of the violent prone areas although it is rarely in the news; from a history of an LCV chairman wanted for murder to disappearing electoral agents of rival candidates and the most shocking one is the death of the founder of Mayuge Ductoor Abdul Kadir Muwaya (a death that his family insists was political).

Anyway, Grapevine has learnt that the Independent LCV candidate of this violent area Ben Mudungo was towards Christmas hit by thugs as he was returning to his home from an outing…

But while his supporters are pointing fingers at the incumbent LCV boss Bongo Ductoor, whispers in the corridors of Mayuge have whispered into the ears of Rafiki that this contender was allegedly beaten while drunk after trying to fight with a rival over a woman.

We hope that the Electoral Commission takes note of this budding violence and nips it in the bud before it escalates!



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