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FDC official campaign song Composer pockets Ushs30million


FDC official campaign song Composer pockets Ushs30million

It is said that luck sails through the wind, and something that didn’t make sense yesterday can be the most relevant thing today.

Our snoop was shocked recently when he learnt that Daudi Mulwana, of the now famous FDC official campaign song, actually sang this song without knowing what he will reap from it.

This song was composed during the 2011 campaigns, but back to Mulwana, Rafiki has learnt that apart from the allowances and other gifts, he recently received 30million for his song and also a huge amount from organizers of FDC rallies.

Now Rafiki has learnt that Mulwana has started putting up a house, something that Rafiki thinks is a genius move, especially now that his group is not working (Mulwana is one of the Directors at Kitooke’s Cream production).

From Grapevine its congs man!



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