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Gudlyfe opens up Nevaland FM


Gudlyfe opens up Nevaland FM

The Gudlyfe duo Radio and Weasle

The Gudlyfe duo Radio and Weasle

Its long since something positive came from the Gudlyfe headquarters, but our snoop inside the Nevaland has given us some good news.

Apparently, the Gudlyfe after that fight that almost ripped them apart are back together courtesy of one tycoon who can not afford to see them apart has managed to bring them back together.

Now things look even more rosy, our snoop has told us that the duo have acquired equipment and that they have finished setting up a radio station called Nevaland FM.

That, the only thing remaining is going on air; although the radio is still facing some frequency problems, but it will soon to go on air.

This will be a radio with a difference, mbu it will only be a musicians radio but question is, knowing the caliber of our musicians, will this radio station thrive?

Only time will tell and grapevine wishes them luck!



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