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Meddie preparing party for Bad Black


Meddie preparing party for Bad Black

Meddie Ssentongo Preparing party for Bad Black (inset)

Meddie Ssentongo is preparing party for Bad Black (inset)

Bad Black is out of prison. But guess who is heading the preparations for her home coming party!!!

Its non other than Meddie Sentongo her bossom friend.

Our snoop has learnt that Meddie is preparing a party that will once again bring back the socialite Bad Black to the Ugandan night life.

Word is that since she was earmarked for release, Meddie has been busy planning for a surprise party.

Some say that he is doing this because he had apparently gone broke, others say that the two have been in communication, that even its Meddie who advised her to come back and complete her sentence…

Now mbu the Mzungu is also warming up for Bad Black though he has been immobilised by being sent to the coolers, but let us gues, who will our friend Bad Black choose, the play boy Meddie or the money bags Zungu? Keep reading these pages!




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