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Are Gudlyfe’s apartments on sale?


Are Gudlyfe’s apartments on sale?

The Gudlyfe duo Mosey and Weasle and Bebe Cool (inset)

This is the second time that Rafiki has landed on a high profile broker telling people that the Neverland estate, is up for grabs.

A snoop tells us that this broker is known to sell to celebrities and finding them properties to buy, which makes him a credible person.

When our snoop tried to inquire what the price of the Neverland  estate, the broker was non committal and only tolf Rafiki that he (Rafiki) will know the price of the property only if he brought him (the broker) a serious buyer .

The broker also confided in Rafiki that, he does not want any broker related to the music industry to know, lest Bebe Cool (the greatest scare crow to both Wasle and Mowzey radio) gets wind of this news and buys the Neverland, not because he needs it, but just to ridicule his arch nemesis Mowzey.



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