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Golden Production Directors turn to betting


Golden Production Directors turn to betting

Golden Production direcotors Messach and Mayinga in a recent photo

Golden Production directors Messach Ssemakula and Ronald Mayinga in a recent photo

As many fans are still boycotting most of the Musicians because of their role in politicking their music.

Rafiki was recently shocked. At Calendar Rest House in Makindye, from the GAL sports betting game fixtures.

Apparently, Rafiki realised that this is all they do from Mid-day till night, following matches on their smart phones, cursing and cheering the teams they selected.

Rafiki thought that Sports betting was only for the youth who think they can become rich from gambling, but for hard working Ugandans like Messach, Mayinja and group, Rafiki believes that this sets a bad example for the young ones who look to these guys as role models.

Someone should do something about this Sports gambling industry malady!



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