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Dj Michael now addicted to Matatu


Dj Michael now addicted to Matatu

DJ Michael now addicted matatu player

DJ Michael now addicted matatu player

For someone to be the most promising upcoming musician is not a mean feat, and when this very parson falls to the bottom of the cue, it is indeed sad.

Recently our snoop witnessed the sorry state of this formedr upcoming musician. Dj Michael was playing and begging his fellow playmates for 5k.

Apparently mbu all his cars were all galloped by his matatu playing as he always staked money and played till he could not save any of his cars.

This malaise also happened to his equipments;  a close source tells grapevine that he begun the addiction in the big casinos which later degenerated into small ‘madiiros’ as they call them.

Nawadays all this musician does is to chew mairungi, drink and later, late in the night he goes to a bar Makindye where he plays matatu of 2 -5k….

Now Rafiki is wondering why the government allows playing cards to come to Uganda, this is because they have done worse things than the meager tax they generate!

Rafiki would suggest to government to start looking at cards and betting as the Chinese view Njaga when you take it to China




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