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Bobi earns 5m in 5 hours on Cocodiosis


Bobi earns 5m in 5 hours on Cocodiosis

Bobi with some of his fans

Bobi with some of his fans on a cleaning expedition

Bobi sand of the Lyato lya Kabenge’ trying to laugh at Bobi, s newly acquired boat aka Yatch which he dissed in his Cocodiosis, but recently Rafiki was astonished to learn that in one day Bobi hired out this cocodiosis to an elite group and earned 5 million shillings.

Rafiki witnessed an elite birthday party aboard the Yatch, and the most noticeable figure was of Joseph Mukasa of the famous ‘Men’ program which airs on NTV.

It was an all white party and the loaded young elite group coughed 5 million for the luxury of sailing for 5 hours. Uhmmmm now that is what we call investment!




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