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Estranged Katongole begs Titie to reconsider hooking a fish monger


Estranged Katongole begs Titie to reconsider hooking a fish monger

Estranged couple Titie and Katongole Omutongole

Estranged couple Titie and Katongole Omutongole

Days after word of Titie Tabel binning Katongole Omutongole for a fishmonger hit town, the husband has rushed to the studio and released a song begging her to reconsider her decision.

The song is titled “Tebyansala” loosely translated “I got a much better deal.” In the song, Titie speaks highly of her new catch.
“You are a much better deal….. You are exactly the man I have been searching for a very long time,” the CBS FM presenter croons.
Seeing that Titie is damn serious about her new catch, Katongole has now resorted to pleading with his woman to abandon the fish monger for him.

The Beat FM presenter is heard swearing how he will never ever again stray from Titie. He even sings of the past hot scandal where he was locked up at Bweyogerere Police Station for allegedly bedding a girl of 13 years.

Whereas he mentions the incident, Katongole furiously denies bedding the juvenile, calling it work of haters he claims are itching to see him and Titie separate.

“Baibe they have spread a lot of harmful rumors about me. They say that I go around chasing everything in the skirt.  Take it from me… believe me darling….Please do…. All that is crap… its absolute crap,” cries the audibly-subdued- Katongole.

Katongole and Titie are now men and wife in name. Titie lives alone somewhere in Bulenga and Katongole lives elsewhere.
While their love seems to be on the rocks, Katongole and Titie are currently singing together at shows that are meant to promote Titie’s song where she is clearly taunting Katongole while praising the fish monger.

The above relationship has left tongues wagging asking whether the separation is not actually a stunt intended to promote Titie’s ” Tebyansala” song.



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