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S. K Mbuga is broke?


S. K Mbuga is broke?

SK Mbuga (inset) with and one of his monster rides

SK Mbuga (inset) with and one of his monster rides

It’s not unusual for the rich to do questionable things.

S.K Mbuga, with 5 monster rides, was recently questioned about his richness.

People of Kiwempe, Sankara zone on the precincits of Kansanga were recently excited when the tycoon bought a piece of land in their neighborhood, at a whooping sum of Ugshs 150 million.

When the tycoon brought materials for construction in the area, everybody was ecstatic that the rich guy was about to put up a monster building to help their small plots gain value.

But,  about three weeks ago, the same residents woke up to another negative fact.

S.K Mbuga, came to the site and removed all the materials from the site to an unknown destination

It was not clear where the materials were taken. Was it to supplement material on another site or is he abandoning the newly acquired plot?



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