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Sheeba to sue Spice Diana for piracy


Sheeba to sue Spice Diana for piracy

Sheeba Karungi to sue Spice Diana

Sheeba Karungi to sue Spice Diana

Grapevine panel have elevated spice Diana to the number one slot for most notorious female artist in Uganda, who is obsessed with her nudity and fight with Pallaso, Diana has gone a notch higher.

After surviving prison for theft of a laptop, and damaging property, Spice Diana is now embroiled in hubby snatching of one of her dancers.

Also, a small bird has told Rafiki that Sheeba is planning to file a case of piracy against her;  word is that Sheeba is waiting for her manager to settle down and see if they can go ahead with the charges.

What has annoyed Sheeba is that Spice has released her ‘Tuli kukii?’ art work ahead of Sheba’s ‘Tusa kimu’ which is supposed to be a dissing song.

Mbu she even went ahead and did a costume similar to Sheba’s!

Are we ready for a beef between these two ladies?  Just watch the space.



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