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Weasel celebrate birthday with Drugs, Wine and Women


Weasel celebrate birthday with Drugs, Wine and Women

Weasle of the Gudlyfe duo

Weasle of the Gudlyfe duo

Okay the Mayanja family can be equated to the famous Kardashian family because almost every one of them is a star in their own right, including their dad and mum.

Rafiki  however thinks that sometimes someone should come out boldly and point it out to the young Mayanja’s that they are living a careless life.

Rafiki is saying this having been witness to Weasel birthday recently (13/14 JUNE) where he saw incredible happenings.

At the birth day gig the guys spent most of the time smoking those forbidden things as if they were getting out of fashion the next day, on top of that they were drinking as if they wanted to drown in alcohol .

After the party , it never ended there, back in Nevaland, Rafiki was shocked to see the birthday boy heading to his bedroom, with more than one girl in tow. When he asked if it was true these guys indulge in groupies instead of an answer all Rafiki got was a sneer!

Now Rafiki is posing a question; where do these celebs get all the energy to do what they do. Is it the reason they never fatten?



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