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Rema’s hair cut was a matter of life and death


Rema’s hair cut was a matter of life and death

Musician Rema Namakula

Musician Rema Namakula

Much has been said about why Rema cut off her beautiful hair; some even thought that she is trying to ape Chameleone and Moze who changed their looks recently by cutting off their hair.

But Rafiki is privy to info that Rema cutting her hair off was just a matter of life and death.

Apparently Rema has been having those constant headaches with some of her friends trying to insinuate that someone could be bewitching her, she refused to listen to the witches and instead decide to go for a medical check-up.

It is here that she leant her constant headaches were as a result of her hair and the ordeal she puts it through every time she wants to look good

After learning this fact she asked hubby Musuuza to allow her cut her hair off (Its islamic for a woman to ask her hubby on anything concerning her beauty), permission was granted and off went the hair…..

So haters should stop speculating that she wanted to look younger because all that is crap!



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