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Julie Mutesasira hiding in the US


Julie Mutesasira hiding in the US

The Mutesasira's during their happy days

The Mutesasira’s during their happy days

Rafiki is sad at heart to report that Julie Mutesasira, the soft spoken Gospel Artiste recently separated from her husband over what has been described as neglect of ‘her marital obligations’

Mbu following this separation, Julie also left this country of sadness and headed for the country of dreams-United States of America, to try and sort herself out.

That divorce proceedings are in progress, mbu the reason this is happening is because Julie spent most of her time in churches and neglected her marital obligations causing her husband Pastor Mutesasira to develop wasiwasi leading to serious fights between the couple on a daily basis.

Rafiki just prays that this religious couple sorts out things and get back together soon especially for the sake of their very young children.



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