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Mesach’s Golden band start war on Kitooke’s Cream production


Mesach’s Golden band start war on Kitooke’s Cream production

Hajj Haruna Kitooke betrays self

Hajj Haruna Kitooke


It is difficult to call it anything else other than provocation. Think about it. Mesach Ssemakula of Golden production invites Hajj Haruna Kitooke at a Welcome party to celebrate the arrival of Sekyewa and Seremba, both singers officially signed to Haruna’s Cream Production.

This is the horror that befell Haruna when he was invited to officiate as Chief Guest at Golden Production’s party. It has incensed Kitooke so much that he is threatening to bring hell on earth.

On discovering the plot, Hajj immediately fumed and slammed the whole plot Joogo of the highest order.

Rumour has it that Mesach persuaded Sekyewa to Golden Production mbu this would re-unite the two ex-lovers together again and have them work things out. This perhaps stems from talk that Stecia had called it quits with her official husband Mubiru over his unsocial characters.

And as a counter measure, Kitooke has given Mesach, whom he calls uncle, an ultimatum that almost impossible to execute – that Mesach should abandon Golden Production and he comes over to form a new group or else he returns Sekyewa nad Seremba.

Haruna is threatening to cast aside their blood relationship and is ready to embarrass his uncle. Our snoop has heard Haruna swearing to spill all of Semakula’s secretes in the open. Where will all this end? Keep reading this page!



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