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Churches paying celebs to come to their prayer meetings


Churches paying celebs to come to their prayer meetings

Pastor Wilson Bugembe who introduced Musicians to the Born Again Church

Something is happening that you might missed in the churches of the Born Again. Our panel has found out disturbing news that the new born again churches have scouts who go out and entice celebs to come to their churches and in the process they give them money and other gifts in the name of seeding.

This would be understood if only it remained at the level of the ‘Cute Kaye’s but no, now even established musicians have become a target of the circus, the young ones go to Kanyanja and the older, more established go to Pastor Iga of the Abizaayo fame.

If you can remember, it was pastor Bugembe who started this movement of calling on musicians to come back to Jesus.

And now word is that Pastor Bugembe has been grumbling because his project of celebs for Jesus was hijacked. One insider tells us that one member see this and blame it on the fact that pastor Bugembe doesn’t give the celebs money!

So is money determining where salvation is to be found? Rafiki wishes that one man of God should come forward and explain this phenomenon!



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