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Meddie sentongo  now a Sangoma in South Africa


Meddie sentongo  now a Sangoma in South Africa

Did Green betwitch Bad Black and Meddie?

Meddie Ssentongo hiding in South Africa

Meddie Ssentongo hiding in South Africa

If the Muzungu  Green….. was an African, many people would now be scared of him thinking that he has some powerful voodoo which he has used to bewitch   Bad Black and Meddie after they robbed him.

But Green is white and most people believe that Whites do not have voodoo.

Anyway, the two have had nothing but trouble, from being fugitives of the law and prison sentences, the two have failed to settle down, with even Sharita aka bad black  being  one of the  first celebs to go to pastor Kayanja and being saved.

The two are not at peace, the two have even turned to be like night dancers who only travel in the night avoiding the masses who a few years ago used to worship them!

As we speak now, the two have decided to keep away from their country Uganda, Sharitah has her troubles in neighboring country Kenya where she was recently caught by police and Rafiki has learnt that Meddie Sentongo has now become a fully fledged Sangoma in South Africa………



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