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Victor Kamenyo slapped like a kid


Victor Kamenyo slapped like a kid

Victor Kamenyo

Victor Kamenyo

If you are blind or haven’t ever seen him and you listen to Victor Kamenyo’s song, you would be excused to think that this guy can challenge an elephant to a wrestling match, but alas Rafiki has never seen such a cowardly person as Kamenyo.

Rafiki was present during a brawl last Friday, the venue was at happy boys in Namasuba along Entebbe road, as Victor Kamenyo was entering the parking, a certain gentleman was trying to get out, it was around 11.00 in the night.

Then Victor refused to move away for the man, and unfortunately went ahead and knocked the man’s car, what the man did was like teaching a lesson to his kid, he got out of his car, pulled Victor out of his car, showed him the damage he had caused, then gave him 4 slaps, two at once.

Then he explained to him that the cost will be on his side and added  more slaps, now if that is not disciplining your child what is?

Meanwhile, Victor looked very meek without even a protest and just asking ‘onkubira ki? why are you beating me.

Sorry! the man just drove away and left Victor too ashamed to even say anything!



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