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Dj Micheal survives being shot


Dj Micheal survives being shot

Dj Michael threatened with shooting

SURVIVOR: Dj Michael threatened with shooting

As people were enjoying themselves recently,   Dj Michael was thanking his lord for another night alive;

Apparently, the story is that Dj Michael was going for a girl who had already taken lots of beers from a Sudanese man. It is alleged that when Dj. Michael learnt that the moneybags Dinka had artificial legs, he started taunting the man telling him that, he just can’t come to Uganda with half legs and take money and ‘our’ women.

The Sudanese man just stood up looked at Dj Michael and walked out of Deposh pub, and that Micheal assumed that he had won the day.

But, alas, the Sudanese man came back into the bar with a gun, and that was when the chaos began as revelers started jumping over seats to run for dear life while Dj Micheal went on his knees pleading for forgiveness.

Had it not been for the Sudanese man’s friends then, Agataliiko nfuufu would have had a  field day just like the way it was with the late Master Blaster aka teacher of the ‘mboko fame.



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