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Ssegawa,Walukaga vow to finish off each other


Ssegawa,Walukaga vow to finish off each other

Musician Walukagga beefing with Ssegawa

Musician Walukagga beefing with Ssegawa

If you thought that the confusion amongst our celebs is only limited to the dance hall and reggae artistes think again!

As we speak now, just because of a deal that went sour.

Story is that Vicent Ssegawa and Mathias Walukagga made a song that was supposed to be a collabo; but out of the blue Walukagga somehow decided to record the song and release it alone, the song is Buddu, which became a hit for sir Walukagga.

Now, Ssegawa after trying to understand Walukagga,s logic and failing, has decided to out the same song, and believe it or not the chorus of Walukagga’s Buddu is now the title of SSegawa’s song.

The latter has decided to call it ‘Ekyatusomosa Lwera’ the funny thing is that the words are almost the same, now the two have decided to not end their competition here, but close sources tell us that the two are both in the studio composing songs to diss each other.

Rafiki is wondering will Ssegawa really survive the lyrical bombardment of Walukagga!!! Maybe it would be good for him to ask Ssalongo Samona!




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