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Vampino drinking getting worse


Vampino drinking getting worse

Vampino drinking getting worse

Vampino drinking getting worse

There is a story of Cane and Abel in the Bible, brothers that were from the same womb but were as different as the Sun and the Moon. Rafiki thinks this legendary story may be likened to Vampino and Maurice Kirya.

Many people up to now do not believe that these two are actually brothers, but apparently they are and from the very same womb!

But from being in the media for all the wrong reasons like fighting now Vampino has added a drug problem.

Last Saturday at Kabalagala, Vampino was stopped by traffic police and when they measured his alcohol content, they could not even believe that he was actually driving and still awake.

Mbu the gauge was too high but when they asked for his driving license, all he could explain was that he even doesn’t remember whether he had one or not.

On the other hand Maurice Kirya is known to hold music concerts in Serena and being the heart throb that makes all females go wild, now maybe Kirya should sit down and knock some sense into his big bro’s head.




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