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Kazibwe Kapo now cheapest musician in Uganda


Kazibwe Kapo now cheapest musician in Uganda

Kazibwe Kapo can perform at a show at only 40k only

Thanks to Jackie Kizito’s Mwagala production; its now official that Kazibwe Kapo is the cheapest Ugandan musician to walk our dirty streets. Although Rafiki is not a mathematical genius, simple mathematics can prove his analysis.

Rafiki is saying this after landing on a contract between Kapo (of the Mundu twaza ku gombolola fame) and Mwagala Production, Rafiki believes the owner of this group must be a very calculative lady.

Apparently, she has signed Kapo Kazibwe for the next two years and she has given him a mere Ugshs 8m.

Now simple mathematics will tell you that if you divide Ugshs 8m into 24 months (2 years) this will give you 330,000 per month. Now divide this by 4 weeks, it comes to 83,000, and he is supposed to be performing twice a week that means Ugshs 41500 per show.

Now tell me, if this is not the cheapest musician! then who is???????



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