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King Saha a Sekawere again


King Saha a Sekawere again

King Saha getting spoiled

King Saha is Ssekawere again

Being a Muslim, a Ugandan and a Muganda, is reason enough for one to bring forth multitudes of babies…

Rafiki says this because, the prophet of Islam served as an example to his followers by marrying more than one wife! Another call related to children was echoed by the Kabaka and even President Museveni assured Ugandans that matter what number of children Ugandans produce….he will school them!

Seemingly heeding the above calls, our own Saha is trying to put everything into action.

Grapevine has landed on info that Sahas wife has just delivered another tot with DNA of Saha making him child number 3.

This one has come closely following child number 2 Axam is also still a baby himself.

We will not spoil this wonderful occasion by mentioning other children of Saha.

Here at Grapevine all we can say is Congs Nakawere and Sekawere. We will soon send you the porridge and cow intestines!



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