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Mowzey’s talents leaves Weasel broke


Mowzey’s talents leaves Weasel broke

Musician Iryne Namubiru

Musician Iryne Namubiru

Being a jack of all trades and a master of all is not a mean feat! Our snoop has learnt that despite the fact that the Gudlyfe is a duo…Mowzey is reaping on other talents that Rafiki once told you about.

As we speak now, Mowzey is reaping big with his songwriting. ..we have it on good authority that Irene Namubiru’s new song ‘Ebirungo’cost Irene close to 8million shillings. .Mbu she paid 4m in cash when the song was given to her and that the balance is to be paid to Mowzey if the song turns out to be a hit.

Yes, the way the song is getting lots of airplay, Namubiru is surely destined to pay the balance.

Mbu ate when Mowzey writes for you, he even sings the song and you listen to it before you take it.

His other talent of making  bitenge’s is also making him laugh all the way to the bank, as Weasel sinks deeper into chronic poverty for without music our Weasel does not have any other talent



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