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Comedian Salvador becomes Apass’ next victim


Comedian Salvador becomes Apass’ next victim

Comedian Salvador becomes Apass’ next victim

This year has been of more talking and less music for musician Apass and ever since he made one of the hit song of 2018 ‘Dida dada’,Apass sees himself as the lord of music and attacks each and every one who crosses path with him.

Apass has a new song called ‘Mummy’, and as his habit always is, the Mummy song is all over social media as his usual publicity stunt, but this round, Apass was defeated in his own game by Comedian Salvador.

During one of the gigs for this comedian, Salvador mimed this Mummy song in a very dramatic way that left all his fan busting into laughter and receiving a lot of comments, on seeing this video clips from Salvador’s show, Apass was not happy at all.

Apass urged Salvador to try and compose his own music he can play with but not his good music; he also highlighted to this comedian how difficult it is to come out with a good song and also condemned all comedians for miming their songs poorly.



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