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When UMEME struck Bebecool


When UMEME struck Bebecool

When UMEME struck Bebecool

When UMEME struck Bebecool

This concert happened at Kololo air strip grounds last Friday but we can’t fail to acknowledge Bebecool and silk event for organizing such a nice and memorable event that left everyone with a smile on their faces.

Bebecool proved yet again that he is extra-large and all his competitors are just wasting their time, because for the first time ever, the guest of honor was the President of the Republic of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and it’s something that all artistes have failed to attain

In Uganda, you can’t say all is good until it’s over, just as the “Mpa EnkoniRapper”, the President was giving his usual speech to the party people, an electricity blackout happened leaving everyone in darkness and the president stranded with his speech.

As usual, the “Uganda Nzikiza board” always wants to show its existence at the hit of the moment, but the president was strong enough and waited till when the power came back on, he then completed his speech and promised peace to all Ugandans as usual.

But all in all, the concert went on well and Bebecool reiterated as earlier promised to use the money to help over five children who have heart problems, and that these will be flown to India very soon.




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