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My love life is my problem; Cindy


My love life is my problem; Cindy

My love life is my problem; Cindy

My love life is my problem; Cindy

Cindy has always had issues with her love life and things have never been well in her previous relationships, but despite all that, she has always had someone beside her.

Previously, Cindy confessed that she is in a relationship with someone but that she was not ready to make her relationship public, “People always criticized my makeups and breakups, but this time round, I only want to make my relationship public when am really so sure about it” she said

But ever since she talked about her new catch, people have snooping around to find out who this diva is dating, but she has out smarted the snoops and her relationship has been kept anonymous.

Earlier last week the ‘King herself’ Cindy posted a video while having some great time with her family and by the looks of it, in the video there was a man who looked like Mario ‘Cindy’s Ex-Boyfriend and the father of her first child.

When fans saw this they were so shocked to see Cindy back with Mario because during their breakup, Cindy stated that this guy used to beat, kick, slap and insult her in front of people, and mbu that’s why she sang this song of ‘Nkooye

But close sources reveal that the man in the video is not Mario but Cindy still refuses to say anything about him and so all of us are left guessing.

Cindy please can you whisper to me your new catch?



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