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Bobi Wine in Trouble, Accused of Distorting Christian Heritage


Bobi Wine in Trouble, Accused of Distorting Christian Heritage

screenshot from tuliyambala engule song

screenshot from tuliyambala engule song

By Muhamad Matovu

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine seems to have landed himself in trouble. He is being accused of holding himself as the future Messiah and distorting Christian heritage for his political gains.

Pastor Martin Sempa, a Ugandan activists and founder of Makerere Community Church, on Tuesday night accused Bobi of changing and distorting the message of on the original church song.

On 31 December, 2018, Bobi Wine officially released his most trending new song, Tuluyambala Engule, the original version of which is known to be a Christian song.

“I am glad that Bobi Wine is now singing Balokole song but my problem is changing the message in it,” Pastor Sempa said.

“The crown of glory sung and talked about is the Victor’s crown given by God to those who overcome. Bobi wine says it’s the crown every Ugandan will get when he is the president,” Sempa added.

In the song release by Bobi Wine literally talks about bringing hope to desperate citizens who are struggling and yearning for deliverance and love of changing the feature of the country.

The song features artistes like Nubian Li, Irene Ntale, King Saha and many other artists.

Sempa added: “This song was composed, sung and owned by Balokole. My late mother, a strong and bold evangelist, asked that we sing it at her funeral and now someone is changing the message in it”

Sempa urged Bobi Wine to immediately compose a new song for his campaign.



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