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Spice Diana praises her wig fall and 32 as blessings’


Spice Diana praises her wig fall and 32 as blessings’


spice Diana

spice Diana

we are in the time of the year where everyone is applauding what made their last year colourful. Remember when Spice Diana told the nation live on TV that she had scooped 32 aggregates in form six and was among the best students in her school. Many were surprised by her statements and wondered whether her former school curriculum was different from that followed by other schools in the country.

With many still wondering whether spice went to school, Diana turned her controversy into lyrics and before we all new it, ‘32’ audio and video were out. Fans replaced Spice’s ‘32’ aggregates with a song and in no time people were dancing to the hit and the artiste was moving places.

As if the aggregate 32 thing was on not enough, Spice Diana’s wig fell off her head when she was live on NBS television making her even more popular.

First, people mocked her but later, her situation gave birth to memes that trended on social media, did her marketing and this brought her great following.

Looking back, the ‘Ndi mu love’ artiste praised her unintended 32 aggregates and wig fall off for making her name trend.

‘Then came the unintended “32” and “Wig falling off” unfortunate events that turned blessings in disguise. To be honest, it was a trying time for me but thank you my lovely people, despite trolling me you also were very supportive and turned them both into jokes that trended and consequently trending Spice Diana.’ Spice posted.







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