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Kyeith Kyatuhaire, former NTV presenter boasts of her Dubai job


Kyeith Kyatuhaire, former NTV presenter boasts of her Dubai job

Kleith Kyatuhaire

Former NTV T-Nation and styles project presenter Kleith Kyatuhaire recently returned to the country and after being off the social scene and from the eyes of media for a while. She came into the country for only about four days and returned to Dubai where she has been working since 2016.

When we caught up with Kyatuhaire to ask her why she has been lost from the media, she said that ever since she left TV when her contract with NTV expired, she went for Holidays in Dubai and she had chosen to live a private life. Kyatuhaire told this reporter that leaving the country for Dubai was a blessing in disguise. I went to Dubai to spend some time before I come to venture into new things but again I was destined for an international job.

Kyatuhaire has been earning big according to closest friends and when we asked her, she didn’t deny, she told us that she is the Executive Marketing Manager of Get Quick International, a Dubai based company.

Get Quick International is a company that deals in shipping directly from Dubai to other African countries, they also book hotels in different countries, book flights and also help people process Visa. On top of all, Get Quick is also an International Tourism agency that shows tourists around when they visit Dubai.

According to Kyatuhaire, the company is opening up their offices in Uganda in Ntinda and we shall always be seeing her around in Uganda for some good time.



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