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Why Sheebah fears Cindy


Why Sheebah fears Cindy

Since last year 2018, former Blue 3 musician Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy has been pestering Queen Karma alias Sheebah Kalungi for a musical battle.

Remember Bebe Cool vs Bobi Wine and Good life vs Bebe cool? Yes! Such battles

Looking back, Sheebah has always and still shies away from the proposal and Rafiki has summed up her excuses for you

The Wankona star prefers Queening in her own lane. She doesn’t give attention to anything that threatens her crown

She believes a musical battle is a sign of disrespect as she sayeth

‘Let’s support each other and not disrespect one another’

Sheebah’s camp wants Shs 1 billion from Sanyu’s

Musician Cindy owns no mansion so Sheebah feels like Cindy should build herself a house before asking for a battle.

Did I tell you she still needs stage performance training? Well, she asked Cindy to mentor her.

‘If Cindy says that I can’t do live music, it’s okay am willing to take lessons from her”

And the last thing is that one is a self-proclaimed king ‘Cindy’ while the other is a self-proclaimed Queen ‘Sheebah’ so no one bows down for the other.



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