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Mr.Mosh names top dance hall artistes in the country


Mr.Mosh names top dance hall artistes in the country

After having self proclaimed dance hall stars in the country, Mr. Mosh an all round entertainer who has seen the music industry grow has listed 5 artistes he believes are raising the Ugandan flag so high when it comes to dance hall music.
Kid Fox is and will always be Mosh’ s number one dance hall artistes. The MC says kid Fox had the skill even though he is currently deejaying in Japan
Peter Miles because he has held the tittle both home and at the international level.
Vyper rankings. Mosh says unlike other artistes who claim to be dance hall stars, Vyper’s talent is something to watchout for as he noticed his skill the first time he (Mosh) heard Rankings sing.
Mosh says Bennie Gunter also has the talent
Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy who started as an rnb star but had proven to be talented and does a great job.



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