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Zari hits at Wasafi Media


Zari hits at Wasafi Media

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 Looks like Diamond Platinumz’ Wasafi Media can not deliver to the audience without mentioning Zari the boss lady.

During a one on one interview with Tanasha Donna “Diamond’s girlfriend” Wasafi host asked if Tanasha ever thinks of attacking Zari for calling her an idiot.

Tanasha claimed she doesn’t know her boo’s ex and wasn’t ready to attack someone she doesn’t know.

” To be honest I don’t have any reason to attack her. I don’t know her. I am not going to attack someone I don’t know or someone who doesn’t affect me on my personal life” she said.

Zari feeling all mighty had to clap back but this time on her Instagram status

” These Wachafu “Wasafi” clowns need to let me be damn. Y’all can’t stay without bringing up ma name, am I like oxygen, you simply can’t breathe. Can you?” The boss lady asked



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