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Cindy mocks promoters over successful ‘Boom Party’ concert


Cindy mocks promoters over successful ‘Boom Party’ concert

Cindy at the boom party concert

Many people thought Cinderella Sanyu a.k.a The King Herself’s Boom Party Concert would flop.

Lugogo Cricket Oval was such a huge venue for an artiste who rarely performs and even many international artistes have not been able to fill up the venue.

Cindy revealed during the performance that promoters and some artistes refused to support her claiming that the show would flop.

“When I first advertised this concert, no promoter or artiste was willing to stand with me. They thought that I am not good enough to fill Cricket Oval. Thanks my fans for shaming all of them and letting them know that The King Herself rules the industry,” she said.

Cindy did not have celebrity endorsements and some people like Lilian Mbabazi turned down her request to perform that day.

By 7: 00 pm, however, the line to the entrance was jammed up all the way to Jinja Road. Some people had to bribe security officers to help them get inside.

Artistes who showed up after 8:00pm struggled to find the gate that would take them backstage.

Cindy took to the stage at 10:00pm. She walked in wearing a ‘wakanda’ attire with a maroon rob that had a lion printed at the back of it – just like the king she claims to be. She said the show honoured her fifteen-year hustle.

She opted for a wearable microphone that would allow her dance while singing.

Fans were not disappointed as they enjoyed every bit of the show. The Excitement broke Cindy into tears and the show went on past midnight.

The dark side of the show was fans pelting singer Bebe Cool with bottles. This stopped Eddy Kenzo from performing with fear that the same would happen to him.




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