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Tanasha regrets dating Diamond


Tanasha regrets dating Diamond

Singer Diamond platinum and Tanasha Donna

Kenyan model and socialite Tanasha Donna has officially dumped her ex-lover Diamond Platnumz.

Reports from Tanzania indicate that Tanasha packed her bags on Sunday night and left for Kenya after realising their relationship with Diamond had failed to work out. The two have  a baby boy together.

Tanasha shared a letter to her baby daddy, Diamond, regretting why she fell in love with him. According to her, he is just a useless bull that can never be zero grazed.

“The three or so years we have been together look like 10 years in hell for me. I don’t believe I was sober when I said YES to you. I don’t know what I was saying yes to, your fame? Your wealth? Or your fake love?”

Tanasha regrets why she didn’t do a background check up on Diamond before deciding to stay with him.

“I was so naïve and ignorant, you have sapped me dry and my bones are desperately aching. I wish I consulted Sepetu or Zari before putting live charcoals in my pocket. How I wish I took my time to unearth your stinking character,” she said.

Tanasha revealed that she had to cope with Diamond’s cheating habit, as he slept with every woman who he came across.

“I have even pretended to produce some useless songs with you just to avoid soiling our marriage in the eyes of the public, hoping one day would mature up and learn to keep your gun in one carrier.”

Earlier in 2019, Socialite Zari Hassan dumped Diamond after finding out his cheating games and how he had a child with her best friend and fashion designer Hamisa Mobeto.

Currently Platinumz has four children, from three different East African women, two from Zari (Uganda), one from Hamisa Mobeto (Tanzania), and the one from Tanasha (Kenya). and he is single again.





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