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‘I have scars on my heart’-Pallaso confirms xenophobia attack


‘I have scars on my heart’-Pallaso confirms xenophobia attack

‘Go down low’ singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has forgiven whoever beat him while in South Africa.

Pallaso at a press conference yesterday at sky lounge.

At a press conference held at Sky Lounge in Kamwokya, Kampala yesterday, Pallaso confirmed that, “Xenophobia is real; “to the South Africans who beat me…I forgive you.”

In a video he posted last month on his Facebook page seeking for help from fellow Ugandans, Pallaso said he was hiding at a local school and was being hunted by a gang holding Pangas.

“I have been cut with Pangas, hit with bricks and thumped mercilessly.”

Pallaso said that, he was searching for good places for a video shoot when he met a gang with Pangas mostly in the age of 14- 17 years.

“Africans in South Africa are all mistaken to be Nigerians who con locals hence the anger and need to kill them.”

Dr-Malinga and Pallaso

“While running away from the lynch mob, I bumped into South African patrol police. I knelt in the middle of the road and waved at them. They just drove past and left me to be killed.” He added

Pallaso revealed that: “When I asked later why the police had left me to die, other police officers told me, I must have been mistaken for a Nigerian. Indeed while I was being chased, I found four guys beating up a Nigerian.”

Pallaso returned with South Africa record producer and musician Dr. Goodwill Malinga as well as Music Executive, Thomani Mawarela.

Malinga who nursed him confirmed that Pallaso was really attacked.

“The attack on Pallaso was not necessary and I would not want it to happen to another person. We don’t have to hate each other, instead let’s support each other in all areas. We are Africans,” said Dr. Malinga.

The two have recorded a song together dubbed “Africa Show Me Love” to fight xenophobia on the continent.

“I have scars on my heart, on my mind and on my body. I will make the ‘baby step’ towards change in Africa, starting with this song.”

The single tells a story of how his life changed in Turffontein, SA after the xenophobic attack.

“Instead of hating, I have chosen to forgive and spend all of my positive energy on changing the world,” Pallaso commented on the song.

“Mama Chaka Chaka also reached out to me and through Norman. She asked him about the attack and invited me to her place.” Pallaso added

“I thought I was going to die, at that University parking, especially when I saw the police car pass by. I have the wounds and scars that I will hold dear to myself as a reminder of what I went through in the hands of fellow Africans,” Pallaso told Kenyan media at Main Switch Studios in Athi River.

Pallaso has injuries on his knees and Palms that he carries as a mark on his body that will always remind him of that day.



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