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Kazibwe’s demise deals deathly blow to  popular TV show Suubi


Kazibwe’s demise deals deathly blow to  popular TV show Suubi


The death this week of Joseph Kazibwe, who acted as Nsalasata (the lame guy) in the highly popular Luganda television drama Ssuubi that aired on Bukedde TV a few years ago has devastated lovers of televised Luganda drama.

But more devastating perhaps is that it has crushed the spirit of the man who brought together a fascinating crew that gave us Suubi.

Kazibwe died on Monday at his home at Mulago-Nsooba, in Kampala, after suffering from a stroke only a few days earlier.

According to Hajj Ashraf Ssimwogere, the Managing Director of Pan Afric Film Industries ltd and the creator of Suubi, Kazibwe had been discharged from Mengo hospital a few days before he suddenly collapsed and died.

“He suffered from a minor stroke and was admitted at Mengo hospital. After a few days in hospital, he requested to be returned home. While at home on one of those days, he asked for a glass of juice, which he took before he took a walk outside the house. On returning to the house, just collapsed and died,” Ssimwogere told The Sunrise.

The death of Kazibwe has struck Ssimwogere really hard, because it comes less than two years since the death of Dan Kitamirike, aka Nadduli another star actor in Suubi and just two years after the death of Ssimwogere’s son Umaru Katende, also another brilliant young actor in Suubi.

And as fate would have it, Ssimwogere, Kazibwe and Kitamirike lost their children in quick succession.

“I lost my son Umaru Katende in 2016 with whom we acted in Suubi. He not only my son but he was my friend. Not long after that tragedy, Kitamirike lost his son Dennis Rackla, who sang Tugenda Kusula mungatto, before he himself died.

And if that was not enough, Kazibwe also lost his son, whom he was grooming to become a Catholic priest.

The spell of doom seems to not want to leave the Suubi crew. So, in an interview with The Sunrise, Ssimwogere revealed that he has decided to pull the curtain on its production because he cannot come to terms with the loss of not only his friends but also his fellow actors.

“Some of my people have been pleading with me to return Suubi. But I have told them it’s too much for me to take in,”




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