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Katatumba emotional but doesn’t regret losing Daddy Andre


Katatumba emotional but doesn’t regret losing Daddy Andre

Singer Angella Katatumba

Songstress Angella Katatumba has opened the door to her heart revealing that she’s hurt by the fact that her ex Daddy Andre decided to move on and marry Nina Rose.

At the same time though, Katatumba revealed  that although she remains emotionally attached to the guy, she could not trade her life for love because Daddy Andre declined to take an HIV/AIDS test which she demanded in order to give her consent.

In a recent interview with NBS TV, Katatumba said had Andre accepted to take an HIV test, the world would now be talking about her and Andre marrying and not Nina Rose.

“If he had accepted my only condition, then I would be the one in Nina’s position because Andre had even introduced me to his parents in Busia,” she said.

Katatumba further revealed that Andre had even rented an apartment in Munyonyo and the two had moved in together.

“Andre did everything for me and I will always be grateful, he was never a bad fiancé because he made me feel loved what no other man has ever done, so this leaves me so emotional to see that I should have been with him but am not,” she added.

Katatumba’s honest revelation is likely to attract praise from anti-Aids organizations as she could become a poster child of responsible living, a virtue that is missing among many young people in Uganda.

Katatumba and Andre were arguably the hottest couple towards the end of 2019.

The then two love birds released a song dubbed ‘Tonelabila’ which was a reflective appeal to each other.

It didn’t last long, however, and by March 2020, they had bitterly split with the songstress revealing how the producer had refused to take an HIV test on top of other reasons.

In moving on, it was tough for Daddy Andre who was marred with several controversial moments including one where an upcoming songstress J-Pafra pinned him for begging for sex during studio sessions.

Observers noted that since the rumours of Andre’s alleged rape stories, the Sikikweka singer has been trying to erase that image by settling in, hence the hushed traditional marriage ceremony for Rose.




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