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‘Beneath the rough waters’

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‘Beneath the rough waters’

Nobody would like to face a sea with no calm waters but those who risk and sail amidst such waters will get to where the rest of the world will never get. The most successful fisher man is that one who accepts to put away fear and jumps into the boat despite the storm or the violent waves at the sea.

I discovered that to make more successful people this year I must, first preach against fear. It is fear that keeps the majority of people in bondage and huge poverty.

The reason why the ladder of success is not over crowded at the top is that the majority of people are thrown down by problems and they never make it to the top. In this article, rough waters are the problems that we almost every day encounter. I warn you against misunderstanding me.

The spirit of the lord is surely upon me and he has anointed me to deal with the problems of the poor and the discouraged and those who now think they will never make it to the Promised Land.

The election period is here, listen to your heart and do what is right. Do not stay away because the world will misunderstand you. Abdoulaye Wade tried again and again before the Senegalese accepted him to become their president.

The Raila Odingas! The Besigyes are today against their hearts. If such people know more about how success comes, the wise are about to see them contesting again. To see heaven, death must first occur. I don’t fear problems. And when they come, to shake my soul, I turn against them and eat them for breakfast.

Problems are humps which force us reduce speed so as we may arrive safely. Be friends with people who put you on track whenever you lose focus. Pace setters are good partners and look for them wherever you can find them and when you get them, keep them and watch their steps always.

I wrote the best lines when I was alone during the years that the world had isolated me. I was deep in problems, sailing on rough waters, but it helped me discover so many things. It is when I knew that a person can hold a phone for months without receiving a call yet his or her phone book is full of contacts.

The only people who may call him in such days are those who at last say, ‘sorry, wrong number’. In these days, of strong technology or aggressive advertisement and marketing, calls from telecommunication companies, are also received by the poor.

It is only during difficult years that you can get a chance to know that really a person can go to bed hungry. Do you know that a poverty stricken person can look for capital of thirty thousand shillings for a year and he or she fails to get it? Do you know?

What is funny is that when money, or good life, comes, most people forget what they went through. Some leaders in this country may never do anything to help the poor because they now do not know that among the people they lead are those that cannot even afford to get 500 shillings a day.

Unless we inform them, some politicians will never help their areas. They know that a person can walk 30 kilometers a day, looking for a job, and then comes back without getting one but they refused to stop misusing public money!

It is only when we are deep in problems that we can know that people, even in the 21st century, face heart breaking challenges. Almost all the musicians you praise and whom ladies fight for were once so poor and nothing.

I remember I always used to say to those who are up today, “Worry not, suffer now and spend the rest of your life as a champion!” Poverty and deep problems were the main motivating factors to all the so called superstars in this country. A compact disc, to them, was among the things so expensive to buy. Beneath problems lies mind fuel, will power and rare determination.

Poor were some of the musicians with influence today that a bottle of purified water used to be a luxury to them. If you see any one of them somewhere, in a posh car, ask the creator to remove pride away from their hearts that they may not go back into poverty. Poverty tortures!

All their best songs, with sense in them, were sung during the years when they were deep in poverty and deep in deep problems. You perhaps didn’t see me when I was heavily pregnant, carrying a baby called poverty.

During those days I wrote, I wrote the most powerful lines that even the few real writers will never manage to write in their entire life time. Enough had to be enough! The sea is rough but a sailor may never know that his boat needs to be replaced until water enters it, threatening his existence.

You need problems, to hammer you, before you realize that indeed time flies and that something must be done, and quickly. It is those that are walking that can fall down. “A sleeping person does not fall down!” Do not be afraid. You were born to win!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist.
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