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Heartbeat – Mlisada to perform in North America

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Heartbeat – Mlisada to perform in North America

Heartbeat children in a performance in Kampala

Heartbeat children in a performance in Kampala

Heartbeat children and Mlisada are preparing for a North American tour is titled “Dance of Hope” which includes hands-on interaction with schools through workshops and demonstrations. That enables local children to handle and play with some of the musical instruments that are native to Uganda and learn the dance of authentic Africa

The two groups have partnered to bring a spectacular performing act from Africa to the global stage. The show itself is spectacular. The mix of native costumes and rhythmic dances by these boys and girls engages the senses and makes a heady concoction that is both engaging and hugely entertaining.

These talented kids aged from 7 to 17 are from orphaned, poor or generally deprived and displaced backgrounds but have embraced an opportunity to overtun their depresesions into hope through performing arts.

The performances are fully African rhythmic and something not to be missed. Uganda is about the size of Oregon and its population is 37 million compared with the 317 million in the US but there are over 30 different ethnic groups or tribes making up its people. That diversity makes for a very rich artistic culture, which is plain to see in the wide range of dances, songs and music that the group performs. The range of talent on display is amazing.

These Children are movers and shakers in more ways than one. Their efforts raise funds that enable the charity to expand its operations and take ever more children into its care and nurturing programs.

In the pipeline are a new medical center and schemes for clean water and basic life-saving healthcare that we take for granted? Mlisada is a non-profit organisation registered in Uganda and USA while heartbeat children operates under the non-profit organization Tender Mercies Foundation registered in USA and Uganda, East Africa. These charities invest in these kids to help build a sustainable future for them.

The musical programs broaden their experience through travel and meeting other cultures, which is itself a highly educational activity and build self-esteem. Funds are generated through performances and merchandise as well as donations.



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