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Temple of wisdom: ‘After so much damage, there is life’

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Temple of wisdom: ‘After so much damage, there is life’

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when you look over, you see. The world is visibly scared. All the people are in fear and some even doubt whether they will see the days that grow up far into December. People are asking themselves why they were born in those parts of the world they are born in.

We stand here and admire the people in the richest nation on earth, the U.S.A, but we ignore facts and forget that America has over thirty million of its people living in deep poverty. Anybody can be poor as long as he or she does not get up to go deep into the world and look for what God wants them to own.

I would have been among the unknown and poorest men on earth, considering what I went through when I was growing up in the dark and forgotten corners of Kampala. I was deeply poor and hugely backward. I didn’t even believe it that I would someday tell spiced up wisdom to this world, full of doubting Thomases.

No one believed me when I announced that I would fight hard and succeed and then twinkle like a star to be seen by people who stood far and near and that I would give hope to the desperate world and all men and women who would choose to risk their lives to dive into the deep waters to swim deep and far, looking for what they truly belonged to them.

So many people will come out to tell you that you cannot. In fact your relatives will misunderstand you better than others. Be ready for that. They will do, and they are about but remember always that we also received almost no happiness from what our relatives told us the moment we announced our desire to receive passports into greatness.

I don’t stop doubters but the only thing I know is that these lines, you are reading today have inspired so many people including those that a certain part of the world believes to be above the law and already on top of the world.

Among such people is Paul Kagame, the father of peace and relative freedom in Rwanda, a country deeply mangled by genocide in 1994. Watch out, if have been ignoring my advice. You miss silver. You miss gold if you were taking the Sunrise paper for granted.

We need to form great crowds and read and preach the temple of wisdom products to almost everyone around this country and ban temporarily or permanently newspapers which teach us more about killing or those that spread only rumors yet after damage there is always life.

Rwanda now enjoys relative prosperity yet not so many years ago its people butchered one another and hundreds of thousands of lives were lost. All people who saw after the genocide agreed that indeed Rwanda would crawl forever.

Quick answers were found for the questions the Rwandans were asking themselves. They forgot the tear-inducing past and moved on. Rwanda is surely now somewhere as far as development is concerned.

Prosperous countries like Singapore or Malaysia and even the richest nation on earth fought with great might to become what they are today.

I remember the famine in Ethiopia which left tens of thousands of children malnourished and hundreds on death beds. Men and women in Ethiopia died of hunger. Living animals died and others like cows failed to produce milk to feed the dying young population. We now know very well that Ethiopia is now so far from where large scale hunger left it.

South Africa is now among the richest nations in Africa but almost only two decades ago the country was without peace. Its black population had little hope that they would be part of the prosperity widespread there today.

So many individuals, that you also know, were nothing but, look, they are now up there at the mountain top and to pull them down cannot be so easy. The man, who so many people believe died for their sins, was flogged, spat on and slapped in the face by his enemies.

He did not die before all that happened to him. He was then put on a cross and nailed. He later died. He resurrected from the dead after three days. So much damage it was and almost all the Christian present in those days wept and wailed. Jesus resurrected and flew straight to heaven where, we are taught, He is seated at the right hand side of His father, God.

It becomes very difficult for me to discuss religion but BesweeriKaswabuli, of Isa Masiya faith, said he almost starved to death when trying to ask God whether He really instructed him to form his faith. He today owns huge chunks of land in Namutumba district, in Busoga region.

He also owns schools, which government admits, have contributed to the development of academics in this country. All born again Pentecostal church pastors tell us what they went through.

We listen to them and conclude that indeed there is nothing for nothing. Never give up, because true life comes after damage. Sometimes after so much damage! Go ahead. True freedom exists!



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